Our Services

We Deliver . . . Quality, Efficient and Caring Service!

When we say, “we deliver,” it means more than bringing your prescription medications to you at your home, although we do that, too! Arch Street Pharmacy delivers quality, efficient and caring service.

From multiple-dose packaging to medication therapy management, our experienced pharmacist and technicians have your safety and convenience in mind.


We have two delivery people who speak both English and Spanish to pick-up special-order prescriptions and deliver medications in our greater Waterbury neighborhoods and service area. We keep track of your prescriptions and get them to you in a timely manner so you will receive your medications when you need them. With the convenience of having your medications delivered right to your door, you don’t have to worry about getting out to the pharmacy, especially in bad weather.

Multiple-Dose Packaging

We can customize the packaging of your medications to make it clear and easy to know what pills to take and when. This avoids confusion and mistakes, helping to ensure you are taking your medications correctly.

Medication Therapy Management

We at Arch Street Pharmacy will help manage your medications. That means if two different doctors prescribe something for you, we check to be sure the medications are compatible and not duplications. We will contact your doctor with any issues as well as to refill prescriptions.

Arch Street Pharmacy offers an automatic refill service, but you can also call ahead for a refill or ask us to remind you.

We Speak Your Language

English and Spanish-speaking staff are always available to assist you at the pharmacy and during deliveries. Our pharmacist is also available to answer your questions, discuss any concerns and explain your medications in plain terms that you can understand.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Although filling prescriptions is our primary service at Arch Street Pharmacy, we carry medical supplies and equipment for your convenience. From over-the-counter vitamins and remedies for cold and cough to diabetes testing supplies and incontinence products, we stock the essentials to help keep you healthy. We can also work with you to obtain durable medical equipment like wheelchairs or walkers.